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    Steel is the most commonly used metal in the world today and is commonly used in infrastructure construction and manufacturing of machinery, automobiles, aircraft, ships, home appliances and other products around the world. However, with the establishment of net-zero emission targets for governments and industries, the steel industry has become a focus of attention in terms of reducing carbon emissions. According to the World Steel Association, the steel industry accounts for 7 to 9 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. As one of the industries hard-to-abate carbon, the steel industry is facing the huge challenge and pressure of tight schedules and heavy tasks regarding carbon emission reduction. While the highly recyclable green properties of steel materials make it an engine of green economy, supporting and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of multiple industries and economies.

    The 2nd China Green Steel Summit 2023 will focus on energy and raw material structure innovation, low-carbon innovation of traditional blast furnace technology route, new carbon reduction technologies such as hydrogen metallurgy and CCUS, deepening digitalization of the steel industry and other hot trending topics, providing a full range of energy-saving and carbon-reduction ideas and references for relevant experts of the steel industry, so as to better realize the green and low-carbon sustainable development of their own enterprises.


    • Challenges and Opportunities of Green Steel
    • Green, Low-carbon and Intelligent Transformation of Steel Companies
    • The Role and Potential of Hydrogen in the Carbon Neutral Process of Steel
    • Hydrogen-enriched Carbon Cycle and Oxygen (HyCROF) Blast Furnace Technology to Achieve Low-carbon Smelting
    • Technology Development and Practice Path of Pollution and Carbon Reduction
    • Steel Rolling Technology Optimization Helps Steel Industry to Save Energy and Reduce Emissions
    • Hydrogen Direct Iron Reduction (DRI) Steelmaking
    • The Use of Recycled Steel Scrap to Reduce Carbon Footprint
    • Panel Discussion: Cross-Industry Co-production and Synergistic Low-carbon to Empower Society’s Comprehensive Low-carbon Transformation
    • Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) Technology and Its Application Routes in the Steel Industry
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    16+ speakers

    100+ Delegates

    80+ Enterprises

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    Event FAQs

    The 2nd China Green Steel Summit 2023 will bring 2 days closed-door business conference with around 100 green steel industry experts and senior executives to discuss how to use the emerging techs of green steel making, the latest industry dynamics and how to satisfy the 'green' demand of the downstream users.
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    Both English and Chinese (Mandarin) are available. There will be simultaneous interpretation service provided during the conference. Online audiences will be provided a dedicated watching link with both Chinese and English Channel to switch as need.
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